The man

“Green lymph flows in my blood!”

I consider myself to be a flower collector.
When I was a child, my passion was playing with flowers: I already imagined little earthly paradises playing with sand and my flowers.
In this way I created my first garden.
I looked at the plants and I wondered:
Do plants speak?do plants think?
Of course they did , I felt them!
I got used to think with them and talk to them

I am a man who speaks to plants

I am a mad, sometimes a crazy man.
I am a visionary man.
I am sure I see things that most people cannot see; maybe I can see something that can be realized before others can see it.
I feel I am creative man who plays with nature; when I design I think about a game …..a creation game .
I always look for the maximum, for the best result…… looking at what nature teached us: in its disorder it is perfect.
I aim to perfection
Life lasts a “cosmic nanosecond” and it is a dream that must be lived at best.
In our life we have to learn from the past, and remember that the future is today.
We must enjoy it now, with passion.

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