Gianfranco Paghera has had the dream of “creating scenarios and landscapes” since he was a child when he translated it into detailed miniatures of gardens. As a very young man, he started turning his dream into reality, following a training route that, from the Agricultural School of Minoprio brought him to California to follow a master’s course at Los Angeles University, obtaining the “Bachelor Of Arts in Landscape Architecture” and the “Master Of Science in General Engineering”. Then to Brazil, where he attended a specialization course with the late great Brazilian architect and landscape designer Bourlemax. Finally, after changing the mission of the company to include the architectural design of outdoor and indoor spaces, he went to Lausanne to complete a Master's Degree in architecture.

In 2002 his work was given important international recognition by ICE, the Italian National Institute for Foreign Trade, which elected Paghera S.p.a. as the only Italian company  representing garden culture and architecture at world level.

In over three decades, Gianfranco Paghera has cooperated at top level with important architecture and engineering firms, both in Italy and abroad, always working towards the shared goal of excellence. He has worked with Renzo Piano, Mario Botta, Gianni Gamondi, Ettore Mochetti, Simone Micheli, Philip Johnson Alan Ritchie Architects, Nakheel and Dubai Municipality.

He has restored historic parks and gardens to their former splendour: Taormina Royal Park, Vatican Gardens, Palazzo delle Fonti in Fiuggi, Boario Spa Centre Royal Park, Villa Campari on Lake Maggiore, Villa Feltrinelli in Gargnano, Villa D’Acquarone in Verona.
He has reinterpreted the charm and stateliness of Renaissance gardens: Royal Palace of Feisal Mohamed, Royal Palace of Prince Feisal Bin Mohamed Bin Saud – Riyadh – Saudi Arabia,
Presidential Palace – Khartoum – Sudan, Presidential Palace of Kazakhstan, Al Thani Royal Palace – Qatar.
He has fulfilled the dreams of over 15,000 clients all over the world  who love his style, creating private paradises, both large and small.
He has given the motorway network of Seoul and the Autopista del Sol in Argentina a “green” facelift.
He has introduced a new way of fund-raising directly in town squares with fresh projects and ideas such as: “L’Azalea della Ricerca” (An Azalea for Research) to raise money for A.I.R.C (Italian Association for Cancer Research); “Un gesto d’amore” (A gesture of love) and “L’abete della solidarieta’” (The fir-tree of solidarity) to raise money for A.N.F.F.A.S. (National association of families of persons with intellectual and/or relational disability); “Un abete azzurro” (A blue fir-tree), to raise money for TELEFONO AZZURRO (“blue phone”, a child helpline), a non-profit making organisation protecting the rights of children.

He has undertaken environmental remediation work with Eco Biotech, a division of the group specialising in prevention and conservation, to guarantee a future for the planet and for the quality of our lifestyle.
Projects include:
- Italy: with WWF, cleanup of the nature reserve of Lake Penne; environmental remediation of unused quarries in the Sibillini National Park; remediation of areas destroyed by fire on the Island of Elba.
- Ukraine, Chernobyl: environmental reclamation and cleanup work.
- Brazil, Amazonian Forest, Pitinga complex: environmental remediation of destruction caused by  extensive open-cast mining.
- Argentina, La Rioja: environmental cleanup of a decayed area.

Gianfranco Paghera has been a pioneer in the use of oxygen and ozone in prevention and purification work involving air and water-borne polluting  and bacteriological agents, creating a specific division of the group called O2 O3 Oxygen Ozone Technology.

He has also left his mark in the world of design, producing an outdoor lighting range with iGuzzini, one of the most important groups in Italy in the outdoor and indoor lighting sector.

He has given many Italian municipalities a new look, instilling the awareness that protecting and enhancing green open spaces stimulates public sensitivity and respect for nature and the environment.

He is a lecturer and designer at the “Santagiulia” Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia, where he has introduced three new training courses:
- “Green manager”: expert in the design of eco-compatible environments  
- “Green designer”: a link figure between architects and town planners, operating in the field of planning, design and upgrading of the urban and extra-urban environment  
- “Territorial and environmental monitoring and management technician”: an advanced post-diploma training course

He has worked with the Milan Polytechnic on development of the “Landscapes on the move” laboratory, a reflection on the new role of motorway rest areas and contemporary dynamics of vehicle movement.

Together with the photographer Giancarlo Gardin, he has published a monographic work entitled “Beyond the Garden”.

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