When I design, I think like a plant
I wonder where I would like to be placed if I was a plant, what would be my ideal place.
If I were a rose I would like to be in the sun, I would like to have many friends – other roses – in order to bloom all year long together with them.
If I were a shrub I would look for the shade of other plants
If I were a tree I would like to have a lot of space, I would like to stand out
If I were an orange tree, I would like to be pollinated by an orange
A person, without an accurate and specialistic culture, is not able to design today seeing the future of his work.
It is necessary to know techniques, plants, flowers and materials.
The “handy knowledge” is the result of experience and listening, of the capacity to learn from people.
At the beginning, looking at what other people do can seem to be a loss of time.
I am persuaded that the more you see, the more you learn.
We are born without an” user’s manual” and it is important that everyone we meet leave us a few of his knowledge.
To steal the knowledge : I think it is essential!
I believe in specialization and I love working only with qualified professionals who today think about the future as something great.

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